New Litter
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Mathew Gower

I recently purchased both an English Setter and a French Brittany pup from Elmo Londeree. Working with Elmo was a great experience. He was more than willing to spend as much time as I wished, talking about the dogs, and spending time with the pups before making my choice. His dogs are well cared for, and he obviously loves them all. The two pups purchased will be house pets, and are very quickly settling in - they are very intelligent and will likely be easy to train. I would be happy to deal with Elmo in the future should we ever have need of another dog.

Will Pickett

I purchased a male llewellin from elmo (ace) I have had him approx 1 week. He is very birdie and seems to be a top notch dog . I have setters and this one is a very nice addition. If any one has any hesitation about a dog from londerees kennel,they very well should not. Elmo and his dogs are the best.

Barbara B.Bittner

Mr. Londeree was a pleasure to work with when we were chosen by Tug. He was very accomodating and informative. We had a rather disappointing experience before finding Londeree Kennels. We felt we had been strung along for 2+ months waiting for our puppy before we contacted Mr. Londeree. Not only was he forthcoming about when puppies would be available, he allowed us to see the pups at a very early age and he went out of his way to get the owner of the sire to make a choice so we would know which pups could be ours. Tug is a delightful, intelligent and sweet tempered brittany. His AKC papers came today and he is officially Tug III.

Brad Sanders

Elmo is one of the nicest individuals you will ever meet. He wants you to be happy with your pup and more importantly he cares about where his pups go. Rudy (English Setter) is the best dog I have ever had. Elmo assured me you can only do so much training and at some point natural instinct has to kick in. Rudy has been incredibly easy to train. His intelligence and high prey drive, both traits of his bloodline, make him a pleasure to watch. Elmo's kennels are extremely well kept and all of his dogs were healthy and eager to please. Thanks Mr. Londeree for a great experience and lifelong companion.

Bill Mengason

I am picking up my dog next week, but would like to say that Elmo has been nothing but accomodating on the phone. He has answered all my emails, and returned my call whenever I left a message. He is very proud of his dog's, and will give you any information needed. I will give an addiotionl testimonial once we have seen the dogs.