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BrittanyThe Brittany is a hearty, medium-sized vigorous breed with a fairly short, lightly feathered, single coat. The breed is intelligent, and easy to handle and train for hunting. Brittany's can become timid if treated roughly, and need to be socialized extensively as a puppy. They are resistant to cold water, damp conditions, and adapt to all types of terrain. The Brittany is a loving and gentle animal; obedient, eager to please, and wonderful with children.

Brittany Blood-Lines at Londeree Kennel

Nolan's Last Bullet 32xCh.
Diamond Hill Dan 2xNFC FC AFC
Rebel Jac's A. Hammer in Dandy NFC FC AFC
Windagail's Last Trade FC AFC
Gamblers Ace in the Hole NFC DC AFC
Fade To Black FC AFC
TradeMark's Iceman FC AFC
White Out FC AFC
Apple Valley Scout FC AFC
Cisco Kid Del PraDo DC AFC
Rolyart's Redwing Legend Ch.